About Ghanimah

Ghanimah is a brainchild of Al Nafi (alnafi.com). Ghanimah in Arabic means bounties or spoils of war. Muhammad Faisal the Founder/CEO, who has served as CISO, CSO, CIO, CTO of various organizations within UK and North America started this project to ensure that obscurity layer that surrounds cyber security, offensive security, and digital forensics, threat hunting, SCADA/ICS is removed. While working within the Industry for over two decades he has experienced time and again that organizations tend to focus on technologies first and last. And tend to make cyber security a highly complicated exercise. When in reality Cyber Security is all about training people, explain them the business processes, give then hands on exercises, make them understand what risks are and how to mitigate, accept or transfer the risk accordingly. Together with his protege Muhammad Kamran CTO & Co-Founder and various sicarios they both started their journey to make cyber security, risk and compliance in a gamified manner.

Our Philosophy

Ghanimahs mission is to educate, empower and equip citizens of the world through education. With various capture the flags, hands on exercises every step of the way, our focus is to ensure that the layer of obscurity is removed and everyone is able to understand, comprehend and implement security controls which are delivered in more than 20+ languages spoken by more than 6 Billion people around the globe. The central tenet of our philosophy revolves around the idea of "Innovative disruptive defenses", an uncommon approach to tackling security challenges by combining existing industry standards and technologies that are already in common use, but rarely assembled together. Empower people in their own.

Our Values

We hold ourselves true to the following values. Our decisions as vendors, partners and as an employer are governed by them.

We Are True To Our Beliefs

Our views on security are guided by one fundamental principle - we will always do what results in the best possible security solution for our customers. Sometimes, this means we have a contrarian viewpoint. Sometimes, the entire industry may be going one way, while we insist on the other. We don’t do this to needlessly argue; we do this because we passionately believe in the efficacy of the security solutions we offer. This is all what security controls and standards are all about. Everyone sees and views things differently.

We Do Business The Right Way
We are creating labs which are truly solving problems for every industry and every vertical out there when it comes to Cyber Security, Offensive Security, DFTH, SCADA/ICS, Governance Risk and Compliance. We operate with transparency with our employees, customers, investors, and all other stakeholders. We don’t take shortcuts, we extend trust, and seek to cultivate it in others as they work with us.

We Create Technology To Enhance Lives
We have a utopian view of what technology could be. We believe that everyone deserves a secure web, and that our platform can help level the economic playing field by enabling people to have access to all the platform that can empower them in managing their privacy and cyber security within any industry their operate globally. We are passionate believers in open source technology, and we are grateful to the open source community for helping us to get where we are. We believe in sharing and giving back – both in technology, as well as people. We hire people who have the potential to be teachers and mentors, who are collaborative, and who join in this vision.

We Value The People We Work With
We consider the whole person— a completeness of goals and aspirations, family, pursuits outside of work, relationships, and career paths. We strive to create a workplace that respects balance and provides opportunities to pursue passions whether related to work or not. We believe work is an important thing, but not the most important thing. Work can (and should) be fun and enjoyable—but we hold that in tension with the serious effort it takes to work in an industry with mission-critical data and increasing attacks and data breaches all around us.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is made up of veterans from industries ranging from Cyber Security, Offensive Pentesting, Digital Forensics & Threat Hunting, SCADA-ICS , Information Security, Payment Processing to Oil & Gas sector.

Tariq Mahmood


Co-Founder of Ghanimah who has 40 plus years of experience in IS Audit, IS Consultancy, Software Solution, IS Training. He possess a track record of providing professional IS services to more than 150 MNCs around the globe.

Muhammad Faisal


Muhammad Faisal, Founder, and CEO of Ghanimah & AL Nafi has worked in UK, USA & Canada in the Federal and Private space within Cyber Security, Offensive Security, Internet of things (IoT).

Ishraque Ansari


Co-Founder and CFO, Ishraque hails from the UK where he created successful start-ups in the field of Operations Management, Research & Development.

Syed Wajahat Ali

Chief Operating Officer

Wajahat educational background hails from University of Karachi,Iqra University and Loughborough University where he is currently pursuing his MSc in IT.