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  • 01 What is Ghanimah?

    Ghanimah is a brainchild of Al Nafi ( Ghanimah in Arabic means bounties or spoils of war. Muhammad Faisal the Founder/CEO, who has served as CISO, CSO, CIO, CTO of various organizations within UK and North America started this project to ensure that obscurity layer that surrounds cyber security, offensive security, and digital forensics, threat hunting, SCADA/ICS is removed. While working within the Industry for over two decades he has experienced time and again that organizations tend to focus on technologies first and last. And tend to make cyber security a highly complicated exercise. When in reality Cyber Security is all about training people, explain them the business processes, give then hands on exercises, make them understand what risks are and how to mitigate, accept or transfer the risk accordingly. Together with his protégé Muhammad Kamran CTO & Co-Founder, who is also one of the worlds most successful bug bounty hunter and various sicarios located globally they started their journey to make cyber security, risk and compliance in a gamified manner.

  • CODS is a term coined by Ghanimah founder Muhammad Faisal who is now working to get ISO 17024 certification for CODS. In CODS each letter focuses on a specific domain of industry. For example:
    C= Cyber Defense
    O= Offensive Security
    D = Digital Forensics & Threat Hunting
    S = SCADA Security
    GRC means Governance, Risk and Compliance.
    On Ghanimah Platform we cover all the labs of CODS and GRC along with providing you deep insightful videos which will prepare for from ground up.

  • On Ghanimah you can learn everything from basics. You can come from any field or discipline, as it doesn’t matter. What matters is that there are 60 Million Jobs as per Statista. Our focus is to prepare you with full spectrum skills so that you can capture these jobs and work as a freelancer on the side. As freelancing is not a career but a side gig. And we cover all the key domains, provide you labs, and internship where you work with industry experts who are CISO, CIO, CTO and working currently within the industry.

  • On Ghanimah we have the following membership models.
    Free Registration will allow you access to the portal but you will be required to acquire membership to have further access to video, portal and learning resources.
    Monthly Membership, which is $25 USD per month where you will be given access to videos and labs on a dripping basis. Dripping means you will only be given access to a set of labs in a given month. The labs come with complete videos, detailed walkthrough and notes along with tons of reading material to cover and be ready for the industry.
    Annual Membership is $250 USD. Where you will be given access to videos, labs on an immediate basis. There is no dripping content, as you get access to all labs immediate after they are released. The labs come with complete videos, detailed walkthrough and notes along with tons of reading material to cover and be ready for the industry.
    Career Advancement Track is a package of $975 USD. This is the ultimate package which comes with our premier CODS track, SysOps Track, Data Science Track, eMath and Ghanimah Labs one-year subscription. It also comes with our 12 months internship where you work with industry experts who are CISO, CIO and CTO working presently. They guide you, prepare you, mentor you, develop your resume and prepare your for interview as to how and where you need to apply to secure your job. Internship requires bi-weekly meetings with our experts who will allocate you tasks and projects. For more information please

  • Yes and no. You can register for an account and we will give you some challenges to hack your way out. However you will be given assistance if you are stuck along the way.

  • Both portals are separate. When you register for Ghanimah labs you are given access to Al Nafi Portal, from where you can watch videos, access notes and walkthrough etc. You MUST logon to Ghanimah portal to perform labs, capture the flags etc separately. In the near future we will also provide VPN access to various networks from where you can access various networks mimicking various industries. That will require a separate account.

  • Yes you may use the same account as that should not create any issues per say.

  • You can use any distro, like Nafi Linux, Ubuntu, Kali or Parrot OS. Get comfortable in using any of these and run them as virtual machines on your laptop.

  • After completing every course, you do get a certificate from us from Al Nafi Portal after course completion. We are also going through ISO 17024 accreditation and once achieved then you will be required to go for the exam lab. If you pass that exam lab then ISO 17024 certified certificate would be issued. Please keep on checking our Facebook page for updates as they relate to ISO 17024 certification.

  • We permit the streaming of free Ghanimah labs. Refer to this link for our streaming policy. No other challenge machines and networks streaming or video making, or recording or screen grabbing is allowed. Please read our terms and conditions. Terms and Conditions

  • Please contact and ask for enquire for more details.

We Focus On Key Areas

Cyber Defence

Digital revolution has made cyber attacks an everyday occurrence. Defending against such attacks requires specialised knowledge of the cyber world.

Offensive Pentesting

Breaking into computer networks, bypassing firewalls to see what’s happening on the other side sounds fun. However, doing it all ethically is what we teach here at Ghanimah.

Digital Forensics & Threat Hunting

Ideal for students or an IT professional who wants to excel in threat intelligence.

ICS/SCADA Security

SCADA systems are used to automate tasks and can capture data from remote devices and track the data coming from them.